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Calcium is essential for healthy bones and just one glass of Anchor Calci+ gives you 50% of your daily calcium needs**.


Anchor Calci+ is also enriched with vitamin D which aids calcium absorption. But did you know vitamin D can be damaged by light? So choosing Anchor Calci+ in a light proof™ bottle is a good idea .

Calci-logoTo easily get more calcium every day,
choose Anchor Calci+.

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Top your bones up every day with AnchorTM Calci+

Healthy bodies need healthy bones. And healthy bones? They need loads of calcium. October 17-23 is Better Bones week, with World Osteoporosis Day on October 20. Time for a glass of Anchor™ Calci+.

Calcium is good stuff. But because your body can’t store it, you need to top it up daily. Otherwise you’re more at risk of developing things like osteoporosis, leaving your bones less dense and more at risk of fracturing.* To help keep them strong and healthy, here are a few tips from Osteoporosis New Zealand.

Three ways to love bones:

  • Give your limbs a workout - regular walks and weight-bearing exercises help to strengthen your bones.

  • Have lots of calcium - dairy products are the richest source of calcium. One glass of AnchorTM Calci+ gives you 50% of your daily calcium needs.**

  • Don't forget vitamin D - support the absorption of calcium by including vitamin D in your diet.

Anchor™ Calci+ is endorsed by Osteoporosis New Zealand. It’s enriched with vitamin D, which is essential for good strong bones. Because vitamin D can be affected by light, Anchor’s LIGHT PROOF™ bottle helps to protect it. In fact, you can expect that goodness to stay right where it belongs, in your milk.

Love your bones. Top up your diet with a glass of Anchor™ Calci+ today.

*Calcium helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in people aged over 65 years, as part of an eating plan high in calcium and with adequate vitamin D status.

**One 200mL glass of Anchor™ Calci+ gives you 400mg or 50% of your daily calcium needs.



Anchor and
LIGHT PROOF™ are trademarks of the Fonterra group of companies.

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