A probiotic yoghurt is an easy way to aid your digestive health. Probiotic cultures can help ease awful bloating and gas.

But not all probiotics are equal.

New Symbio Probalance is ideal. With its unique scientifically proven DR10 probiotic, just one pot a day is all you need.



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Symbio Probalance

Digestive health issues

It seems that bloating and excess wind are a common problem for New Zealanders. In June 2010, Fonterra commissioned Colmar Brunton to conduct research about our digestive health. They found that three out of four women and one in five men experience feelings associated with digestive health issues. Gas or excess wind was the most common issue for both women and men, followed by bloating.

Over 70 per cent of women also said their life is affected by digestive health issues. Meals and eating patterns, wardrobe choices and exercise were the top three aspects impacted – particularly for women.

General digestive discomfort can be caused by a demanding lifestyle, skipping meals, stress, a low fibre and unbalanced eating plan, lack of exercise or poor fluid intake. Some common problems include feelings of bloating, intestinal ‘gurgling’, and feeling weighed down or heavy.



Probiotics are microorganisms that can aid digestion by boosting the number of friendly or ‘good’ bacteria that live naturally in the gut. Probiotics can also reduce the growth of harmful bacteria helping restore natural digestive balance


Why we like Symbio™ Probalance

Symbio™ Probalance contains a unique probiotic culture called Bifidobacterium lactis DR10™. This natural probiotic culture has been shown in clinical trials to help restore digestive balance and reduce digestive discomfort.

DR10™ is the simple name for a specific strain of probiotic culture scientifically called Bifidobacterium lactis HN019. It is a natural probiotic strain discovered by the former Dairy Research Centre in New Zealand (now called the Fonterra Research Centre) and tested rigorously in randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials. This type of trial is the gold standard in nutrition and medical research. The results of these trials show that DR10™ can reduce digestive discomfort including gurgling, flatulence, constipation and irregular bowel movements.


Symbio™ Probalance is different to other yoghurts

Not all yoghurt cultures are probiotic cultures, and not all probiotics have the same physiological benefit.

Symbio™ Probalance yoghurt with Bifidobacterium lactis DR10™ has been studied in over 20 scientific studies and clinical trials show it can be effective for digestive issues. It has also been shown that the probiotic remains live in the yoghurt in sufficient numbers to support your digestive balance up to the end of the yoghurt’s shelf life.


Effective dose

A recent study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology showed a daily dose of 1.8 billion DR10™ probiotic cultures for a period of 14 days is sufficient to reduce digestive discomfort. Symbio™ Probalance has over 5 billion DR10™ probiotic cultures in every 150g serve, and because it’s tested to ensure sufficient numbers of live probiotic bacteria remain in the product up until the end of its shelf life, just one serve daily provides more than enough for an effective dose.



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